I am out of network for all insurance companies. Labs done at in-network labs are paid for same as if ordered by an in-network provider (except some HMOs). You can use your HSA, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and direct bank transfer, or check to pay. You can also submit my charges to your insurance company (except for Medicare). Copays and deductibles vary by insurance policy. If you need a payment plan, please let me know!
The typical conventional visit is shorter, as it usually addresses 1 problem. Functional medicine visits typically address an average of 5-6 problems in one visit. Visits can also be longer because more time may be spent exploring causes and discussing treatment options, lifestyle changes (a fundamental part of the prescription), and education/problem-solving.
If you are my patient, you receive a $50 if I see someone you referred to me. No Limit. Gift certificates available. Pay 50% of face value up to $50. Limit 2.
Currently my practice is fee for service. This means you pay for each visit or service (EG phone consult > 15 minutes), tests, and other services. Soon you will have the option to purchase a long term (6-12 month) package of services including all visits, supplements, labs, and other services necessary to address the problem -- all financed through a 3rd party to allow for easy monthly payments, if you wish.