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I began offering supplements because I saw the difficulty patients had in making sure they were buying products consistent with needs. I see patients often spending much more than necessary. You are under no obligation to buy supplements from me. I select the supplements I carry carefully, considering purity, potency and cost. As a result, what I use periodically changes (e.g.: I find on equal product at a reduced cost).

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My recommendations for common problems are listed. However, please note that the wrong supplement do you harm. If you are a patient of mine you can request that I create a "prescription" specifically for you (just call), and/or you can shop on your own . You will receive reminders when it is time to refill if you use this service. Shipping is free for orders > $50. Use like below to log on.

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Xymogen products are only available online through this site. You can request that Xymogen create individual packets of supplements for each day and each time of day. These are easy to carry wherever you go, and Xymogen will remind you when it is time for a refill. These products are available by prescription only. Contact me if you would like to order online.

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