Labs often charge insurance companies a much higher rate than they charge individual patients. (A typical discount is over 90%!)   It is the law that if the lab charges your insurance company, they cannot later charge you a different rate.  It is best to know your coverage ahead of time.  If the test is through Genova, see  (see regarding coverage.

Some Common Laboratory Locations:

Some Laboratories Used for Functional Assessment:

If you don’t have insurance or have an HMO:

  • Always find out ahead of time what the lab will charge (this should be done by a phone call to the lab’s billing department).
  • You may ask for a cash rate.  Many labs offer a discount if paid in cash.
  • Depending upon the tests, there are some online self-order laboratories that can be comparatively inexpensive.
  • may be helpful to you in finding resources, including various share plans.