Laboratory image

Labs often charge insurance companies a much higher rate than they charge individual patients. (A typical discount is over 90%!)   It is the law that if the lab charges your insurance company, they cannot later charge you a different rate.  It is best to know your coverage ahead of time.  If the test is through Genova, see  (see regarding coverage.

Some Common Laboratory Locations:

  1. . Labs are drawn in my office.  The minimum charge is $200, cash, but the charge for each lab is what you usually pay after insurance (sometimes 90% discount over "retail"), so this price includes many tests and is often same or cheaper than going through insurance and you can still submit to your insurance for possible additional reimbursement.
  2. ACL: Found in any Aurora clinic that has laboratory.  See
  3. Centers for Diagnostic Imaging:
  4. LabCorp Patient Service Centers:  The “Find a Lab” locator on provides the most current PCS locations.  Sites include Thiensville, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, New Berlin, and Kenosha.
  5. Quest Diagnostics: Layton PSC at 4852 S 6th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221 (in the Airport Business Park).  See
  6. Wisconsin Diagnostics:  Found in most Froedtert clinics.  See
Some Laboratories Used for Functional Assessment:

If you don’t have insurance or have an HMO:

  • Always find out ahead of time what the lab will charge (this should be done by a phone call to the lab’s billing department).
  • You may ask for a cash rate.  Many labs offer a discount if paid in cash.
  • Depending upon the tests, there are some online self-order laboratories that can be comparatively inexpensive.
  • may be helpful to you in finding resources, including various share plans.